One Million Freckles - Organic Orange Chai House Blend Tea

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One Million Freckles

Organic Chai Tea

50g bag

It's been a long day. As you wait for the kettle to boil, you pour in some premium, loose-leaf tea. The aroma hits you, full-bodied and floral, with just a hint of sweetness. 

The kettle whistles. You pour the boiling water over and watch the tea start to colour the water. That beautiful, deep, rich yellow-brown. You prepare the tea just as you like it.

Once it's safe to drink, you take a sip. 

Aaahhh....that's it. That's the stuff.

Everything will be okay.

We named this Orange Chai blend, after Lord Mister, the collector of freckles!

This is a must for lovers of the deep, warm flavors of a good chai, the zest of citrus, and those who appreciate a little spice on the side. If you find yourself looking to add a pep of energy to a cup of loose leaf tea but still enjoy the opportunity to bask in its relaxing warmth, this is a choice worthy of a spot in your tea collection — and one you’ll want to keep well-stocked.

You’ll find many situations for a good cup of One Million Freckles organic tea. This orange chai could be enjoyed as part of a daily relaxation ritual, sitting down to celebrate a day well-spent — or it could be the go-to option you break out when you’re looking to introduce a friend to an organic tea that'll have them asking just where you got it. Let the cozy, welcoming cinnamon and clove notes be the backdrop to everything from a quick social visit to a comfy Sunday afternoon.

If you’ve ever wondered how to relax at work, keep some in your personal office tea stash to give yourself something to really look forward to on your breaks. Let those work worries vanish for a few minutes amid the cinnamon and clove and go somewhere more peaceful. Come on back refreshed and alert, ready to take on what’s next.

Aroma and Flavor

One Million Freckles’ aroma is piquant, sharp, and zesty with a soft bite. It lets you know that it’s here, whatever you need it here for. Take a sip and discover a delightful initial floral taste that blossoms into a slightly spicy finish that sets it apart and completes the experience.


Orange peel, cinnamon chips, ginger root, and clove.

Brew Instructions

Take a comfortable mug and place within a tablespoon of loose leaf tea in a cloth tea bag or mesh basket. Pour boiling water over and let steep for 3-4 minutes. This organic tea brews red.

Caffeine Content

Contains caffeine.