About Us

Organic loose leaf tea

Organic loose leaf tea, tea infusers, stuffed animals, and more

Miss Missy's Tea and Sundries offers curated and handmade happiness. Our feature product is our organic loose leaf tea. We selected the highest quality tea supplier we could possibly find to meet our high standards.

We also carry tea infusers, stuffed animals, crystal bar soap, and various miscellany.

Each bag of loose leaf tea is made with fair trade, organic, and kosher ingredients. The ingredients are sourced from a certified zero emissions and zero waste supplier. We are committed to sustainability and corporate responsibility.


Miss Missy & Lord Mister


Miss Missy is a hard-working woman with particular taste. She knows that part of working hard is making sure to take care of yourself, as well. And that means relaxing at the end of a long day with a high-quality cup of tea, and/or a chocolate bar.

Miss Missy knows that relaxation and comfort mean different things to different people. She does her best to find something for everyone. She believes that everyone deserves comfort at the end of the day. "We all work hard, but we must also recognize that it is hard work."

Miss Missy is drawn to pastel colours, as well as anything soft, delicate, and cute. She has been known to carry the occasional 'dark' item if it catches her fancy.


Lord Mister was drawn into the idea of the boutique when his wife, Miss Missy, started the company. He has always secretly harboured a soft spot for stuffies. He is also the proud owner of an insatiable sweet tooth.

Watching his wife work, he realized that men, too, needed to take care of themselves. He set out on a quest to find products that are not only quality, but fun as well.

He, of course, is more fond of skulls and dark themes. He finds his comfort in more traditionally masculine products, though he has been known to sport the occasional pink product.

He has vowed to fight the good fight against those that "have an angry crusade against soft things."