Custom Blends

Miss Missy's is happy to offer custom blending. You can either choose your own ingredients or have us pick them for you based on what you like or what theme you are trying to capture.

There is generally a minimum purchase of 1 ounce per ingredient and a custom fee of $5 or more depending on the size of the order. You will get the chance to name your own blend if you like.

Some examples of custom blending:

  1. Wedding blend
  2. Anniversary Blend
  3. Shop blend (Unique to our retailers)
  4. Birthday Gifts
  5. Holiday Gifts
  6. Self-Gifts

Please contact us for custom pricing.



If you have an idea for a tea, but are not interested in having your own exclusive blend, please feel free to submit your idea to us. If your idea is accepted, the custom fee will not be applied, and you will receive a coupon to use on the purchase.