Burke and Hare Co Pillar Candles

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These candles are hand-poured vegetable/paraffin wax with a clean-burning cotton wick. They are not only sustainable, but unlike other candles, the wick does not give off any pollution.

White in color.
5.5 inches tall.

  1. Mucha: Primavere
    Limited for Spring and Summer, this pillar candle features the super feminine art of Alfons Mucha and his classic La Primavere.

  2. Stained Glass: Church: Cathedral: Mandala
    Rose windows are particularly characteristic of Gothic architecture and may be seen in all the major Gothic Cathedrals of Northern France. Their origins are much earlier and rose windows may be seen in various forms throughout the Medieval period. Their popularity was revived, with other medieval features, during the Gothic revival of the 19th century so that they are seen in Christian churches all over the world.
    This Pillar features the beautiful pattern from the Rose windows of the cathedrals. 
  3. Nature Floral Candle

    This unscented 6 inch tall pillar candle features a lovely rose to give your room a beautiful touch.
  4. Anatomical Skull
    The University of Edinburgh was an institution universally renowned for its medical programs. Dissection and Diagrams became increasingly important as Medical Sciences began to flourish in the 19th century.

    This unscented 6 inch tall pillar is a perfect reflection of that time and wonderful advancements in science.