Friends Forever

Friends Forever

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Friends Forever

Organic Yerba Mate Tea

50g bag

Friends are amazing. A friend is always there for you, offering you someone to confide in, a shoulder to cry on. In these trying times, nobody is going to blame you for missing your friends. You have not seen each other in such a long time now. You may be wondering if they even remember you (they do).

We want to help put those feelings to rest. We would like to invite you into our boutique, even if only for a single cup of this delicious loose-leaf tea. Friends Forever is made from the leaves and stems of the yerba mate plant, which is commonly shared among close friends in various parts of the world. Every sip of this mate tea will energize and revitalize you, just like a good talk with your friends. Whisper your troubles into a warm cup of yerba mate. Let it offer comfort to you and your friends, even when you must be apart.

Friends Forever is best used during your self-care moments earlier in the day, as yerba mate naturally contains caffeine.


Yerba mate is the dried leaves and stems of a South American rainforest holly, and is the national beverage of Paraguay. The term mate is a Guarani Indian word for gourd, referring to the hollowed out gourds once used to hold the tea. In traditional use of yerba mate, the tea cup is often shared among close friends and family, all of whom use the same straw, or bombilla. Sharing the same straw is considered a sign of total acceptance and friendship. Yerba Mate is one of the worlds most effective and healing beverages with over 196 active compounds which shadows the active compounds found in Green tea (Camellia sinensis) which has about 144.


Tannins, antioxidants, polyphenols, amino acids, saponins, vitamins and flavonoids.


Dried leaves and leaf fragments, mixtures frequently include flowers.


Traditionally used as a tea, and sometimes available in tea bags, though less effective as such.


A full bodied green taste with a bold mate character.


Like freshly cut grass with powerful green depth


Cloudy green


3-4 minutes (average)


Traditionally used for mental & physical fatigue; has caffeine.


Shade grown Yerba mate is far more nutritious and tasty compared to sun grown Yerba mate. One can see the difference just by looking at the color of the dried material. Shade grown Yerba mate is a bold dark green and has a nice heavy taste. Sun grown Yerba mate is pale in color (a little like dried hay) and has a relatively flat taste.

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.